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Prepare for your next adventure at Magpie Lodge

Live Barbecue


The live barbecue at Magpie Lodge is the perfect way to combine our specialty cuisine with an outdoor experience. Let our staff know beforehand and they will procure the freshest available ingredients to prepare a delicious homemade meal straight off the grill. Grab a seat at the table under the Chinar tree — it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Walking and Hiking

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The Lodge is in a quiet locality surrounded by thick evergreen pine forests which offer some of the best walking and hiking opportunities in the area, untouched by commercial disturbances. Contact our staff if you would like a guide who can tailor the excursion to your requirements, ranging from short walks to day-long hikes in the crisp mountain air.



Did you know that Magpie Lodge is a haven for bird lovers? The Lodge itself is named after the Yellow-Billed Blue Magpie, a majestic bright blue bird with a distinctive tail twice the length of  its body, native to the lower Himalayas and found abundantly in the surrounding forests.  Spend a day idling in the lawns and spot as many species as you can.

Play area 


Our family-run B&B offers an ideal space for other families to visit with their little ones.  While parents relax in the lawn chairs under fruit trees, they can watch their children play in our kids’ cottage or on our swings, slides and see-saws. The spacious lawns are particularly popular with children, who love to spend their days running and playing all sorts of games.

Abbottabad Chairlift


One of the lesser-known attractions in the vicinity is the Abbottabad Chairlift, which is located less than one hour away (although the more adventurous can always choose to hike from the Lodge). The ride itself is a breathtaking experience with a 25-minute trip on either side and scenic valley views throughout — perfect for a day out with the family. Their days running and playing all sorts of games.

Thandiani Top


No visit to Magpie Lodge is complete without a day-trip to Thandiani Top, located about 45 minutes away at a staggering height of 2,750 m (9,022 ft). Don’t miss the quaint British-era church dating back to the 19th century, the small bazaar which has several stalls with tea and snacks, or the numerous walking tracks with views as far as the eye can see. perfect for a day out with the family. Their days running and playing all sorts of games.

Harnoi Lake


If you’re in the mood for something a little more festive and busy, make a trip down to Harnoi Lake on Murree Road, about 40 minutes from the Lodge. Along a gentle river is an amusement park with several attractions for families and children, as well as a lake and waterfall, offering a great opportunity for mateur and professional photographers alike.

Shimla Pahari

shimla (1)

Shimla Pahari is a hill located around 45 minutes away from Magpie Lodge in Abbottabad, above the cantonment. The beautiful park at the top has slides and swings for children, camel and horse rides, food stalls, and views of the entire Abbottabad valley from the hill — popular with the locals, busy on weekends, and great for a day out and about.

Sajikot and Umbrella Waterfall


About one-and-a-half hour from Magpie Lodge – and well worth the day-trip – is Sajikot Waterfall (along with nearby Umbrella Waterfall). A metalled road takes you straight to this popular touristattraction, where you can find several other waterfalls hidden away like gems among the hills. Take a dip in these cool blue waters on a warm day.

St. Luke's Church


One of the most historic places in Abbottabad, St Luke’s Church has been around since 1864 when it was built to cater to the Christian community of Hazara region. Don’t forget to explore the surroundings of this iconic church which has several pre-partition buildings and establishments, such as the Abbottabad Club, Old Christian Cemetery, and many others.

Ilyasi Masjid


Ilyasi Masjid is a landmark of Abbottabad and one of the most visited locations for travellers to the city. Built in 1932, this old mosque is built over a spring coming down the mountains and forming a natural pool within its vicinity. You may or may not believe local stories about the stream’s healing abilities, but Ilyasi Masjid is worth a visit anyway.

Jhugiyaan Bazaar

Along Murree Road on the opposite side of Harnoi lies a hidden shoppers’ paradise. Jhugiyaan is an old bazaar of Abbottabad which was originally famous for its cloth markets, but today is home to all sorts of affordable items. If you’re a skilled haggler, be prepared to come back with a (slightly) lighter purse and a full car trunk.

Nathia Gali


Last, but certainly not least, guests can always drive over to Nathiagali — located just over an hour away at a height of 2,410 m (7,906 ft). Among its commercial attractions are several popular eateries, a bazaar with local handicrafts and souvenirs, and well-marked trails and hikes. Go for the patakha chicken and walk it off on the way up to Miranjani.